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Product Image Girl With The Gun

Girl With The Gun


Various Artist's Prints that have been texturized and Framed. 

Some of these prints have the option of diffrent frames while others may have only the Black Frame Option. 

The Texturization protects these prints from moisture and gives the appearance of an oil painting. 

Some Prints only have the option of the black frame only, if there are  more frame/canvas options it will be available to chose for that print. 

Artist: Eric Quezada

Please allow 7-10 business days from the time of order to ship out your product. Orders with multiple pieces may take 7-15 business Days. 

Please contact a sales representative by email for inquiries on custom frame and sizing orders.

We hope you enjoy our collection and thank you for shopping with Heart Of Mejico

Email: Heartofmejico@yahoo.com