About Us

Heart of Mejico is a business with a passion and love for the arts. We specialize in Dia De Los Muertos themed art and import hand made one of a kind Catrinas from the Mexican state of Michoacan. Our exclusive line of catrinas are hand made, original, one of a kind designs made by top Catrineros in Mexico. You will find a variety of characters in these sculptures from Catrinas, Pueblanas, Musicos, Florklorikas, Sirenas, and much more. We have also come to reproduce fine art from tattoo artist, muralist, airbrush and graphic designers from all parts of the world. Our lineup of artist vary in styles from Lowbrow, Surreal, Cultural, POP Up, and everything in between. Our goal and mission is to introduce our customers to great artist and there out of the ordinary ART. As we like to say "Its ART with a Pulse!"
We hope you enjoy our selection of fine art and encourage you to follow us on social media to get the latest news on future events and festivals will be attending. You never know when will be in a town near you!
Thank you for visiting and for all your support!
German and Kesha Rivera